To get started quickly you may install Poi globally:

yarn global add poi
# or npm
npm i -g poi

Then a global poi command will be available on your machine.

However, for a real world project, you need to ensure poi command is always available for whoever is running your project locally without installing Poi globally, e.g. a collaborator. So it's recommended to install Poi locally in your project instead:

cd your-project
yarn add poi --dev
# or npm
npm i poi -D

The locally installed poi command will be available at ./node_modules/.bin/poi in your project.

node_modules/.bin directory will be added to system $PATH when your're running npm scripts. So you can directly use the local poi command there:

📝 package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "build": "poi build",
    "dev": "poi"

Alternatively, to run local poi command from the terminal directly instead of using npm scripts, you can prefix it with npx or yarn.