Getting Started

Poi is a zero-config bundler built on the top of webpack. By using the buzz word zero-config, it does not mean that there's no config, instead we pre-configured many things for you. To prevent Poi from becoming too bloated to use, we also introduced some kind of plugin system to make extra features opt-in.

To get a quick taste of Poi, you can install it globally via npm or yarn:

$ npm i -g poi
# But it's recommended to install it locally for real-world projects.
# i.e. cd your-project && npm i poi -D

The poi command is somehow similar to node, by running poi in a directory, it will use index.js or the file specified at main field in package.json as entry file of your application.

# Use `index.js` or `pkg.main`
$ poi

Then your application will be running at http://localhost:4000


In most cases, you don't need to configure anything to make your app work with Poi, since Poi has great built-in support for:

  • Babel, transform widely used ES next features to ES5, including JSX
  • PostCSS, and a bunch of popular CSS pre-processors like Sass
  • Vue, no config is required for your Vue applications
  • etc..