How to use Poi with other frameworks and libraries.


Poi works out of the box in a React app, for example a React app that is created by facebooks's create-react-app.

React Refresh Support

To enable react-refresh support, simply set reactRefresh to true at your Poi config:

module.exports = {
  reactRefresh: true


To use Poi in a Vue project, you should have vue and vue-template-compiler installed in your project:

cd my-app
yarn add vue vue-template-compiler --dev

Poi actually uses webpack's vue-loader under the hood, so all the features of .vue file are supported.

If you want to use Vue JSX in the JavaScript files and Vue SFCs:


Poi should be able to work in any JavaScript app, if you find it hard to use Poi with your desired frameworks, please open an issue.

Last Updated: 8/21/2020, 4:01:51 PM